STEM Playground in Miri

My love and children,

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic (STEM) Playground is a nationwide programme to promote STEM. STEM is supported by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research (MESTR), Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Bumiputera Sarawak (TEGAS).

Importance of STEM

It is give awareness to public especially youngster and next generation to look upon their future direction as things change and Sarawak is moving towards Industrial Revolution 4.0. To achieve IR 4.0, we need to upbringing high-skilled workers who are have digital skills. This achievement can help the people to increase their wages for a better living. Last to achieve is build more technopreneurs (basically, enterpreneurs that involve technology stuffs business: data analysis, mining, IoT, SMART and digital solutions) in Sarawak.


Miri STEM Playground had its first time in 4- 5 August 2018 side by side with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Science and Technology Exhibition organised by IEEE Curtin Student Branch. It had attracted more than 3000 public to visit the playground. It consists of 3 zones
1. STEM Challenge Zone – where competitions area- able to see various of creative and innovative projects done by primary, secondary and university levels.
2. STEM Hideout Zone – interactive STEM showcases
3. Humanitarian Interactive Zone – humanitarian activities – community outreach

Date with my son

So I bring my eldest son with me to experience the event. I want him to enjoy STEM activities. Because I in-charge on 1 of the booth, we need to go early for preparation until afternoon. He is tough boy. During break time, I bring him around and had some fun together. Son, hope you enjoy our precious time. I am really enjoy the time with you.


In 3-4 August 2019, IEEE Curtin Student Branch again collaborate with TEGAS to push another STEM PLAYGROUND. It is another amazing event with a lot of activities. A lot of Mirians get exposed on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I hope the young one to realize the important of these skills because it is for IR4.0 (just kidding). It is for young one to obtain higher income jobs during IR4.0 era. Bear in mind that some of current jobs will be taken over by AI but new jobs will be produce which required some skills (my advise to you: Critical Thinking in Creative and Innovative). It is hard to believe but you need to accept the reality that the coming era is more tough.


In 2020, CoViD-19 struck Malaysia. The pandemic slow things up (I also been slow down because never experience it). But the pandemic didn’t stop us to continue serve our purpose. This year, IEEE Curtin Malaysia Student Branch join force with TEGAS and other divisions and Universities to create a virtual stem playground. It is a new experience for us to create videos and virtual games. A lot of efforts prepared by IEEE Curtin Malaysia Student Branch and Curtin University Malaysia, those come and play will able to see a lot of things in Curtin University Malaysia for them to learn. We really want to help our Sarawakians to get well-equipped and face the new era. I can say this CoViD-19 is pushing IR4.0 fast and next Society 5.0 nearer to us. Please equip some skills for yourself and next gen else there will be half of Sarawak people lose or unable to get jobs for unable to equip or cope with the new era.

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